Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation

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Objectives of the Foundation

1. To Serve and Spread Islam.

2. To Promote, Propagate and Defend the Ahl al Sunnah wal Jamah.

3. To Support and Coordinate with like minded Sunni organisations.

4. To Translate and Publish Sunni Literature across the Globe in English language.

5. To Edit and Publish rare and out of print Sunni Literature.

6. To Translate Classical Arabic books of Ahl al Sunnah Scholars in Urdu Language.

7. To Join hands with other Ashrafi Organisations and Instituitions across the Globe in promoting the Grand Quadriya Chishtiya Ashrafiya tariqah.

Projects on Shaykh ul Islam's Khutbat (Speeches) 
Converting them into Books

This Project Involves the Conversion of Thousands of Speeches of Shaykh al Islam Sayyid Madani Ashrafi al Jilani from Audio and Video versions into Book Format Un-changed and Un-Edited. We have been successfull in converting more than 50 Speeches into Book format. The First such collection was published in Muharram 1434 A.H consisting 7 Khutbat of Shaykh al Islam by Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation, Hyderabad.

Project on 'Lataif e Ashrafi'
Malfuzat of Makhdum Ashraf Jahangir Simnani

Translation of 'Lataif e Ashrafi' - The Spiritual and Scholarly Sayings of Ghawth al Alam Makhdum Sayyid Ashraf Jahangir Simnani from Persian / Urdu into English. So far, we have completed the Translation of  7 'Lataif' out of a total of 60 Lataif.  

Project on Biographies of Ashrafi Mashaikh & Scholars

Presentation of More than 100 Biographies of Ashrafi Scholars and Mashaikh in English which have been collected through numerous sources over the past 6 years. Some of these Biographies have been already uploaded on this website.

Project on
English Translations of Books of Ashrafi Mashaikh & Scholars

Translation of 5 Books of Ashrafi Giants Scholars have already been completed and three of them have been published by Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation, Hyderabad.

Project on 
Uniting of Ashrafi Scholars & Muridin from all Over the Globe

This is the Dream of the Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation to Unite Ashrafi Scholars across the Globe and form a forum and organisation under the name of 'Jamiyat al Ashraf al Alamiya'

Project on
Constructing Seven Big Ashrafi Madrasas

To Construct Seven Massive Ashrafi Madrasas in India in Memory of the Following:

1. Jamiya Ashrafiya Husayniya (in Memory of Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi Miyan, Shabiha Ghawth al Azam Shaykh al Mashaikh)

2. Jamiya Ashrafiya Ahmadiya (in Memory of Sayyid Ahmad Ashraf Ashrafi al Jilani, Alim al Rabbani). 

3. Jamiya Ashrafiya Mukhtariya (in Memory of Sayyid Mukhtar Ashraf Ashrafi al Jilani, Makhdum al Mashaikh Sarkar e Kalan)

4. Jamiya Ashrafiya Muhammadiya (in Memory of Sayyid Muhammad Ashrafi al Jilani, Muhaddith al Azam)

5. Jamiya Ashrafiya Madaniya (in Memory of Sayyid Muhammad Madani Ashrafi al Jilani, Shaykh al Islam)

6. Jamiya Ashrafiya Nayimiya (in Memory of Sayyid Nayimuddin Ashrafi Muradabadi, Sadr al Afazil)

7. Jamiya Ashrafiya Razviya (in Memory of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Quadri Barkati, Imam al Akbar Mujaddid al Azam)