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Sayyid al Muhaddithin Sayyid Didar Ali Shah Razvi Naqshbandi

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Sayyid Didar Ali Shah Razvi Naqshbandi


{1273-1354 A.H / 1856-1935 C.E}


Sayyid ul Muhaddithin Abu Muhammad Sayyid Muhammad Didar Ali Shah bin Sayyid Najaf Ali Razvi was born in 1273 A.H/ 1856 CE in Alwar, India.


His genealogy reaches to the great Imam Sayyid Musa Raza, his ancestors migrated from Mashad and settled in Alwar, India. Therefore, they are known as Razvi. He completed elementary Arabic Etymology and Grammar in Alwar itself under Shaykh Qamaruddin and completed other Islamic works and Hadith in Delhi under Shaykh Karamatullah Khan. Sayyid ul Muhaddithin studied Fiqh and Mantiq under the great scholar Shaykh Irshad Husayn Naqshbandi Quadri Rampuri. He acquired Sanad of Hadith from Shaykh Ahmad Ali Muhaddith Saharanpuri and Shaykh Shah Fazl ur Rahman Naqshbandi Ganj Muradabadi.


It is very important to mention that Shaykh ul Islam Pir Sayyid Mehr Ali Shah Chishti Golravi and Shaykh ul Muhaddithin Wasi Ahmad Muhaddithin Surati were his classmates.


Baiyah and Khilafa


He was the Murid [Disciple] and Khalifa of Shaykh Fazl ur Rahman Ganj Muradabadi in the Naqshbandiya tariqa. He also received Khilafa from Shaykh ul Mashaikh Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi Kichochavi in the Quadriya Munawwariya and Quadriya Chistiya Ashrafiya tariqa. Both his sons were also Murids and Khalifas of Shaykh ul Mashaikh Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi in the Ashrafiya tariqa. Sayyid ul Muhaddithin also received Khilafa from Mujaddid al Azam Imam al Akbar Ahmad Raza Khan Quadri Barelvi in the Quadriya Barkatiya tariqa.


Imam al Akbar Ahmad Raza Khan and Sayyid ul Muhaddithin


Sayyid ul Muhaddithin Sayyid Didar Ali Shah and Sadr ul Afazil Sayyid Nayimuddin Quadri Muradabadi were very close friends. Once, Sadr ul Afazil mentioned Imam al Akbar Ahmad Raza Khan’s name and advised Sayyid ul Muhaddithin to visit and meet him.


Sayyid ul Muhaddithin said: “Brother, I am somewhat reluctant [shy], he belongs to a Pathan [Khan] family and I have heard that he is strict in nature”.


But Sadr ul Afazil due to his Friendly relations persuaded him and took him to Bareily. When they [Sayyid ul Muhaddithin and Imam al Akbar] met,


Sayyid ul Muhaddithin asked: “Sir [Huzur], how is your health”.


Imam al Akbar replied: “Brother, why do you ask, Pathan is my intrinsic caste, I am strict in Nature”!


On seeing this lofty spiritual condition and excellence of Imam al Akbar’s Kashf and Karama, tears began to flow from Sayyid ul Muhaddithin’s eyes and he bowed his head before Imam al Akbar with extreme respect and love. In this way an unbreakable bond between the two grew.


Imam al Akbar Ahmad Raza Khan gave Sayyid ul Muhaddithin Sayyid Didar Ali Shah and his great son Mufti al A’zam Sayyid Abul Barakat Ahmad Quadri Razvi all the Asanid and Ijazas which he possessed in the books of Fiqh and Hadith and also bestowed upon both father and son Ijazas in the Wazaif and Khilafa in the Quadriya Barkatiya tariqa.


Scholarly Career


Sayyid ul Muhaddithin after completing his studies taught for one year at Madrasa Ishat ul Ulum, Rampur. In 1325 A.H / 1907 C.E, he founded a Madrasa in Alwar and named it Quwat ul Islam. After some time he migrated to Lahore and taught at Jamiya Nu’maniya for sometime.


In 1335 A.H / 1917 C.E on the advice of Shaykh Irshad Husayn Rampuri left for Agra and became the Khatib and Mufti of Shahi Jama Masjid, Agra.


In 1343 A.H /1922 C.E he returned to Lahore and served as Khatib at Masjid Wazir Khan and used to give lectures in Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh.


In 1340A.H / 1925 C.E he founded Markazi Anjuman Hizb ul Ahnaf and laid the foundation for Dar ul Ulum Hizb ul Ahnaf .


He was blessed with two great sons.


1.> Shaykh Sayyid Abul Hasanat Razvi Quadri Ashrafi , President of Jamiyat ul Ulama, Pakistan. (Murid & Khalifa of Shabiha Ghawth al Azam Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi Kichochavi and also Khalifa of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan)


2.> Mufti al A’zam Pakistan Shaykh Sayyid Abul Barakat Ahmad Quadri Ashrafi, Shaykh ul Hadith, Dar ul Ulum Hizb ul Ahnaf, Lahore, Pakistan.(Murid & Khalifa of Shabiha Ghawth al Azam Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi Kichochavi)


Among his great students are:-


1. Faqih al A'zam Shaykh Abul Khayr Muhammad Nurullah Ashrafi Nayimi, Rector Dar ul Ulum Hanafiya Faridiya, Basirpur.


2. Shaykh Ruknuddin Alwari Naqshbandi.


3. Shaykh Mufti ul A’zam Pakistan Abdul Qayyum Quadri Hazarvi, the former Shaykh ul Hadith of Jamiya Nizamiya Razviya, Lahore.




1> Tafsir Mizan ul Adyan : Tafsir of Surah al Fatiha. Sayyid ul Muhaddithin used to give lecture on the Tafsir of Surah Al Fatiha while he was the Khatib of Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore. This tafsir was completed in one year.


2> Hidayat ul Laghvi dar Radd ul Rawafiz: Refutation of Shias [Rawafiz]


3> Rasul ul Kalam.


4> Tahqiq ul Masail : Collection of letters and booklets exchanged between Sayyid ul Muhaddithin and the Wahhabi Supreme Scholar Mawlvi Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. Sayyid ul Muhaddithin refuted and quizzed Shaykh Rashid Ahmad on some Aqidah and Fiqh matters upon which the latter erred.


5> Hidayat ul Tariq.


6> Suluk al Quadriya.


7> Alamat ul Wahhabiya: This book is on the characteristic features and signs of the Wahhabiya sect.


8> Fazail e Ramazan.


9> Fazail e Sha’ban.


10> Al Istighatha min Awliya Allah ayn al Istighatha min Allah: This Book is on the proofs of Wasilah [intermediation] and Istighatha [Seeking Help] through the Awliya of Allah.


11> Diwan Didar Ali [Persian]


12> Diwan Didar Ali [Urdu]


The above two books are the poetic compilation of Sayyid ul Muhaddithin.


The Imam and Sayyid of Muhaddithin passed away in 1354 A.H/1935 CE at Lahore and was buried near Jama Masjid, Delhi Darwaza, Lahore, Pakistan.


Translated & Compiled by


Basharath Siddiqui Ashrafi


Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation


Hyderabad, India.

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