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Mufti al Azam Kanpur Mufti Rifaqat Husayn Ashrafi Kanpuri

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 3:50 PM

Mufti al A’zam Kanpur


Mufti Muhammad Rifaqat Husayn Ashrafi


[1316-1403 A.H/1897-1983 C.E]


Amin al Shariah, Mufti al A’zam Kanpur Mufti Muhammad Rifaqat Husayn Quadri Chishti Ashrafi Hanafi bin Shaykh Abdur Razzakh Quadri was born in 1316 A.H / 1897 C.E at Islamabad [Bhawanipur], Muzaffarpur, India.


His genealogy leads back to a great Wali [Friend] of Allah Sayyid Makhdum Shah Jalaluddin Chishti whose biographical details can be read in the history book ‘Asarat Phulwari’. Sayyid Makhdum Jalaluddin was the Murid and Khalifah of Khwaja Muhammad Usman Haruni, the Pir or Shaykh of Shaykh Sultan ul Hind Khwaja Pir Shahabuddin and Makhdum ul Mulk Shaykh Sharafuddin Yahya Muniri.


Islamic Education


Amin al Shariah’s father first sent him to Madrasa Ahmadiya, Muzaffarpur but later he came to know that it belonged to the Wahhabiya La Madhabiya sect. So, he was then admitted to Madrasa Aziziya, here he studied under Shaykh Shah Habib ur Rahman Bihari, Shaykh Mufti Abdul Mateen and Shaykh Abdul Ghani.


In 1345 A.H he traveled to Kanpur and joined Madrasa Hanafiya. On the advice of Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Tahir Ashraf Kichochavi, he went to Ajmer and studied in Madarasa Moiniya Usmania under Sadr ush Shariah Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali Quadri Razvi A’zami, Shaykh Abdul Hai Afghani and Shaykh Mufti Imtiaz Ahmad Ambethvi.


Baiyah and Khilafah


He gave the pledge of Allegiance [Baiyah] to Shabiha Ghawth al A’zam Shaykh ul Mashaikh Sayyid Shah Ali Husayn Chishti Ashrafi Kichochavi in the Quadriya Chishtiya Ashrafiya tariqa and also received the Khilafa in the same tariqa from him.


Amin al Shariah was also the Khalifa of Hujjat ul Islam Hamid Raza Khan Quadri Barkati Bareilvi, Sadr ush Shariah Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali Quadri Razvi A’zami and Qutb ul Madinah Muhammad Ziyaddin Ahmad Quadri Razvi Madani in the Quadriya Barkatiya tariqa.


Academic Contribution


In 1352 A.H He accompanied Sadr ush Shariah to Bareily and taught at Madrasa Mazhar al Islam for one year, after which he went to Jayis, Rae Bariely and taught at Madrasa Muhammadiya. Here in this city he defeated the Shais in numerous debates.


After one year he was appointed as the Khatib of Jama Masjid Sultanpur, he was again invited to Jayis by its inhabitants.


In 1369 A.H he was appointed as the principle of Madrasa Ahsan ul Madaris, Kanpur and in 1372 A.H the scholars of Kanpur declared Amin al Shariah as the Mufti al A’zam of Kanpur.


During the same period he visited Makkah al Mukarramah and Madinah al Munawwarah for Hajj and Ziyarah, where he offered Salah separately as the Imam of two mosques belonged to the Wahhabiya, due to this faithful act he was asked to present reasons before the Wahhabi scholars of the Haramayn. Amin al Shaariah declared the truth and defeated them in a debate on the Aqaid of Ahl us Sunnah.


In Madinah al Munawwarah Amin al Shariah met Qutb ul Madina Mufti Ziyauddin Ahmad Quadri Madani and received the Khalifa in the Quadriya Barkatiya tariqa.


In 1975 C.E he visited Iraq and in 1379 A.H he was selected as the Shaykh ul Hadith and Principal of Dar ul Salam Shah Alam, Ahmadabad. After which he returned to Kanpur and taught at Madrasa Miskiniya and later he was selected and appointed as the custodian and principal of Madrasa Ahsan ul Madaris, Kanpur.


Bibliography of Amin al Shariah’s books


1. Tafsir Surah al Baqarah: This Tafsir was published by the monthly magazine Mahnama Taiba in parts.


2. Qadiyani Kazzab: In refutation of the false claimant of prophet hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani.


3. Tariqa al Hanafiya.


4. Ilyasi Jamat: This book is in refutation of Tablighi Jamat, the working hand of the Wahhabiya Deobandiya in the subcontinent.


5. Awraton ki Namaz.


6. Fatawa Rifaqatiya: The two volumes of this Fatawa are still unpublished.


Amin al Shariah was also affiliated with numerous welfare and religious movements of India.


1. He was the Deputy President of Jamat Raza e Mustafa Hind, Bareily.


2. He was first appointed as the Chief Rector, then Deputy President and finally the Area President of “Kul Hind Tabliqh e Sirat” movement. This movement was founded by Mujahid al Millah Habib ur Rahman Quadri Ashrafi Orisavi.


3. He was also the Patron in chief of “All India Sunni Jamiat ul Ulama”


4. He was also the President of “All India Sunni Tablighi Jamat” which was formed by Khatib al Mashriq Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami Quadri Razvi Ashrafi.


5. He was also the Chairman of Idarah e Shariya, Patna, Bihar.


Among his Famous students are :


1. Shaykh Sayyid Nayim Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani, the Sajjadah Nashin [custodian] of Jayis, Rae Bareily.


2. Shaykh Hakeem Basharath Husayn of Madrasa Siraj ul Ulum, Sultanpur.


3. Shaykh Prof Hakeem Ahmad, Lecturer of Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.


4. Shaykh Saeed Ahmad, the former Rector of Madrasa Ahsan ul Madaris, Kanpur.


5. Shaykh Sayyid Shah Muhammad Akbar the Sajjadah Nashin [custodian] of Astana e Aliya Muhammadiya, Phuphand Sharif Utawa.


6. Shaykh Sahibzadah Sayyid Zul Hasan Chishti Ashrafi Kichochavi.




Amin al Shariah passed away in 1403 A.H /1983 CE and was buried in Kanpur. The Funeral prayer was led by his eldest son Shaykh Mahmud Quadri Ashrafi, the Author of 'Tazkirah Ulama e Ahl us Sunnah Hind'.


Compiled and Edited by


Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi


Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation,


Hyderabad, India.

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