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Shaykh al Quran Allama Ghulam Ali Ashrafi Okarvi

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 4:00 PM

The grand Sunni Mufassir and Muhaddith of Pakistan, the scion of Ahl us Sunnah, Allama Ghulam Ali Ashrafi Okarvi was born on Friday in Ramazan 1338 A.H / 1919 C.E in Raza-abad, Lala Musa of Gujrat/ Punjab.


Early Education


He started his initial education in his hometown of Raza-abad, and then joined ‘Madrasa Arabia Karimiya’, Jalandhar which was affiliated to the famous Islamic University ‘Hizb ul Ahnaf’, Lahore. He graduated in 1939 C.E with certification in Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh endorsed by Allama Abu Barakat Sayyid Ahmad Quadri Ashrafi, the founder and patron of ‘Hizb ul Ahnaf’.


In 1949 C.E, after the partition of India, Shaykh ul Quran migrated to Okara, Pakistan Punjab and worked as a ‘Khatib’ and ‘Imam’ at the Mosque of Sutlej Cotton Mills.


Foundation of ‘Ashraf ul Madaris’


In 1954 C.E, Shaykh ul Quran laid the foundation of the famous Sunni seminary of Punjab and the largest in Okara – ‘Ashraf ul Madaris’ after the name of the famous ‘Wali’ ---- Ghawth al Alam Makhdum Sayyid Ashraf Jahangir Simnani Jilani. Since then the Madrasa has produced numerous intellectual scholars prominent among them are his famous and notable students whose contribution to Ahl us Sunnah in the subcontinent remains unparalleled like Khatib al A’zam Allama Shafi’ Okarvi Naqshbandi and Manazir al Ahl us Sunnah Allama Kawkab Nurani Okarvi, Karachi.


Baiyah & Khilafah


Shaykh ul Quran was the Murid of the Mufti al A’zam of Pakistan, Allama Abul Barakat Sayyid Ahmad Quadri Ashrafi in the Grand Quadriya Ashrafiya tariqah.


He received Khilafah from the following Sunni giants:


Allama Abul Barakat Sayyid Ahmad Quadri Ashrafi in the Quadriya Chishtiya Ashrafiya & also Quadriya Ashrafiya Munawwariya tariqah.

Qutb ul Madinah Allama Ziyauddin Ahmad Madani Quadri in the Quadriya Barkatiya Razviya tariqah.





Shaykh ul Quran passed away to the heavenly abode on 11th Safar 1421 A.H / 16th May 2000 C.E. He was buried in the premises of his beloved and cherished ‘Madrasa’ – Ashraf ul Madaris, Okara.


He was succeeded by his able son, Allama Fazl ur Rahman Ashrafi Okarvi who is the present Patron in Chief of ‘Jamiya Ashraf ul Madaris’. May Allah Protect him. Ameen!.


Compiled, Edited & Translated by


Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi


Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation,


Hyderabad, India

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