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Najm al Ulama Allama Mufti Sayyid Ghulam Moyinuddin Nayimi Ashrafi Muradabadi

Posted on November 23, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Najm al Ulama


Allama Mufti Sayyid Ghulam Moyinuddin Nayimi Ashrafi Muradabadi


Birth of a Star


The Grand Translator of Classical Islamic texts in the Indian sub-continent, the versatile Scholar of Ahl us Sunnah, the Star of Sunni Scholars, Mufti Ghulam Moyinuddin Nayimi Ashrafi was born on 10th Rabi us Sani 1342 A.H/ 23rd December 1923 C.E at ‘Mohalla Shahri Sarai’, Muradabad, India to Allama Sayyid Sabirullah Shah Chishti Sabri Ashrafi Nayimi.


Islamic Education


Najm al Ulama began his Islamic education under his noble father, and then afterwards in 1932 C.E, he joined the famous Islamic university of North India, ‘Jamiya Nayimiya’. Here he began studying under scholars like Sadr al Afazil Fakhr al Imsal Allama Mufti Sayyid Nayimuddin Quadri Ashrafi Muradabadi and ‘Sani e Sadr ul Afazil’ Taj al Ulama Allama Mufti Muhammad Umar Nayimi Ashrafi. He began studying Medicine simultaneously and in 1943 C.E graduated with a certificate of ‘Al Hakeem al Fazil’ from the famous ‘Wahhajiya College’, Lukhnow. In 1945 C.E, he graduated with distinction in Islamic Sciences from ‘Jamiya Nayimiya’ upon which Sadr al Afazil tied the turban of certification.


Sadr al Afazil Ashrafi & Najm al Ulama Ashrafi


Sadr al Afazil used to keep Najm al Ulama very dear due to his piety and scholarship. In 1940 C.E, when Sadr al Afazil decided to re-publish his magnum-opus Tafsir ‘Khazayin al Irfan’, he deputed Najm al Ulama with the important work of proof-reading of the manuscript. In 1941 C.E, when Sadr al Afazil became seriously ill and the doctors could not treat him, he instructed his deputy Taj al Ulama Allama Mufti Umar Nayimi Ashrafi and his son Allama Sayyid Zafaruddin Quadri Ashrafi saying: “The Printing of ‘Khazayin al Irfan’ has not been completed yet, the responsibility of Proof-reading should be given to ‘Shahji’ and Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Ashrafi of Gujrat should be called to assist him; so that they both could accomplish the task of re-publishing it.”


Sadr al Afazil’s love for Najm al Ulama can be judged from this incident also that when Sadr al Afazil was nearing his demise, his head was on the blessed laps of Najm al Ulama and Sadr al Afazil, ordered him saying: “Ask everyone to leave the room, except you no one should be near me.” Every one, even the sons of Sadr al Afazil left the room. When after sometime, Sadr al Afazil passed away, he became the executioner of Sadr al Afazil’s will and called his relatives and other sons to India.


Baiyah & Khilafah


Najm al Ulama Mufti Sayyid Ghulam Moyinuddin Nayimi Ashrafi was the Murid of Sadr al Afazil in the Grand Quadriya Chishtiya Ashrafiya tariqah of the Indian Sub-continent.


His Contribution to Indian Freedom Movement


In 1945 C.E, he participated with full valor in the ‘All India Sunni Conference’ along with Sadr al Afazil and other Ashrafi and Sunni giants. In 1946 C.E, he participated in the ‘Banaras Sunni Conference’ in which 500 Sufi Mashaikh, 7,000 Sunni Scholars and 2,00,000 people had gathered under the leadership of Shabiha Ghawth al A’zam Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi al Jilani Kichochavi, Sadr al Afazil Sayyid Nayimuddin Quadri Ashrafi Muradabadi, Sayyid al Muhaddithin Pir Sayyid Jamat Ali Shah Naqshbandi, and Muhaddith al A’zam Sayyid Muhammad Ashrafi al Jilani Kichochavi.


Migration to Pakistan


Najm al Ulama migrated to Lahore, Pakistan in 1950 C.E where he became an active member of ‘Jamiyat ul Ulama Pakistan’ and was appointed as its Deputy Organizer under the leadership of Allama Mufti Sayyid Abul Hasanat Muhammad Quadri Ashrafi Nayimi. He was also the editor of the ‘Jamiyat’ weekly mouthpiece ‘Haft Rozah Jamiyat’ from the year 1956-57. Later, he began publishing a monthly ‘Sawad al A’zam’ from ‘Mochi Darwaza’, Lahore in the memory of his teacher and Murshid Sadr al Afazil. After his demise, his younger brother Allama Sayyid Ghulam Qutbuddin Nayimi Ashrafi used to publish it.


Bibliography of Najm al Ulama’s Books


Najm al Ulama left behind no less than 45 scholarly books and translations for the benefit of Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah. He translated some of the most important Islamic books from Arabic into Urdu. A Brief list is as follows:


‘Madarij un Nabuwwah’ (2 Volumes) of Imam al Muhaddithin Shaykh Muhaqqiq Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi from Persian to Urdu. In Print.

‘Al Khasais al Kubra’ (2 Volumes) of Imam Jalaluddin Abdur Rahman Suyuti Shafai from Arabic to Urdu. He named the translation as ‘Al Ni’mat al Uzma fi Tarjamah al Khasais al Kubra’. In print.

‘Ash Shifa bi Tareef Huquq il Mustafa’ of Imam Qadi Ayaz Maliki from Arabic to Urdu in two Volumes. Najm al Ulama named the translation as ‘Nayim al Ataa’ fi Hadith al Mujtaba’. It was during the translation of this blessed book that, Sadr al Afazil visited him in his dream and smiled at him, indicating his immense pleasure and happiness at his undertaking of its translation. This book is also in Print.

‘Masabat minas Sunnah’ of Imam Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi from Persian to Urdu. In Print.

‘Kashf al Mahjub’ of Sayyiduna Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujweri from Persian to Urdu. In print.

‘Bushra al Kib biliqa al Habib’ of Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti. Translation under the name of ‘Didar e Habib’.

‘Al Durr al Munsharah fi Ahadith al Mushtarah’ by Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti.

‘Al Sawaiq al Ilahiya al Radd alal Wahhabiya’ by Shaykh Sulayman bin Abdul Wahhab Hanbali Najdi.

‘Takmil al Iman’ of Imam Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dahlavi under the name of ‘Nayim al Irfan’ from Persian to Urdu.

‘Nayim al Risalat’ on the extensive nature of the beloved RasulAllah’s Prophet-hood.

‘Fatwa Sadr al Afazil’: He collected the different Fatawa of Sadr al Afazil spread in different magazines and manuscripts, thus enabling the Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah to benefit from the great Imam’s works.

‘Nayim al Bayan’: Najm al Ulama started a Tafsir of the Holy Quran but was unable to accomplish it due to his untimely demise. He however completed the Tafsir of the first part of the Holy Quran.

‘Ahqaq e Haqq’: Najm al Ulama compiled the articles and speeches of Sadr al Afazil Sayyid Nayimuddin Ashrafi Muradabadi which he wrote and delivered against the hardline Hindus and Arya Samaj of India.

‘Hayat Sadr al Afazil’: He authored a beautiful biography of Sadr al Afazil and the only extensive one available on the contributions, sacrifices and scholarly exploits of Imam Sadr al Afazil.

‘Futuh al Ghayb’ of Ghawth al Azam Sayyid Abdul Quadir Jilani Baghdadi. Translated under the name of ‘Shuruh al Ghayb’ from Arabic to Urdu. In Print.

‘Masalik al Hunafa’ of Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti Shafai’. Translated from Arabic to Urdu on the Iman of the Beloved Prophet’s Parents.

‘Tabyiz al Sahifa fil Manaqib al Imam Abu Hanifa’ of Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti on the merits of Imam al Azam Abu Hanifa Numan bin Sabit Kufi. Translated from Arabic to Urdu.

‘Qurrat al Uyun’ of Imam Faqih Abu Layth Hanafi Samarqandi. Najm al Ulama translated this beneficial book from Arabic into Urdu. It was once published by ‘Dawat e Islami’ organization among others.

‘Mawayiz al Hasan’ of Imam Safuri. Translation from Persian into Urdu.

‘Al Milad al Nabwi’ of Imam Abu Faraj Ibn Jawzi Hanbali. Translation from Arabic to Urdu on the permissibility of celebrating the ‘Milad’ of the Beloved RasulAllah.

‘Shawahid al Nabuwwah’ of Imam Mulla Abdur Rahman Jami. Translation from Persian to Urdu. In Print.

‘Usul al Sama’’ of Imam Qazi Sanaullah Naqshbandi Panipati. Translation from Persian to Urdu under the name of ‘Masla e Sama’.

‘Fiqh al Akbar’ of Imam al Azam Abu Hanifa. Translation from Arabic to Urdu under the name of ‘Al Aqayid’.

‘Wasaya Imam al Azam’ of Imam Abu Hanifa. Translation from Arabic into Urdu.

‘Qasida Bidd’ al Amali’; Translation from Arabic to Urdu.

Demise of the Star


Najm al Ulama Mufti Sayyid Ghulam Moyinuddin Nayimi Ashrafi passed away on 14th August 1973 C.E at Lahore. His funeral prayer was led by Allama Mufti Ayjaz Wali Khan Quadri Razvi Bareilvi and Najm al Ulama was laid to rest near the grave of the great Sufi Scholar and Khalifa of Shabiha Ghawth al Azam Sayyid Ali Husayn Ashrafi al Jilani – Hazrat Allama Ghulam Muhammad Tarannum Ashrafi Amritsari. This graveyard is known as ‘Miyani’ graveyard in Lahore.


Compiled and Edited


Basharath Ali Siddiqui Ashrafi

Ashrafiya Islamic Foundation,

Hyderabad, India.

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